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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hawthorne House Update!

Hawthorne House 4.3.11
This was taken April 3rd.
Siding up (unpainted), driveway poured.
Good Stuff.


christy said...

What a darling house. I love the yellow. It's been fun watching the transformation. We've never built. I've heard its great and awful at the same time. Thanks for sharing your house journey with us.

Kristina said...

It's soooooo beautiful! I'm glad you guys went through with it, I bet it's been fun and terrifying!

Jewels said...

It looks fantastic! Can't wait til you can move in!

Heather said...

oh it is looking so great!!!

Kelli Foutz said...

Oh, I am soooo excited for you! Too fun to get to see it built from the ground up, get to pick out the colors, and flooring, and tile. I am happy for you all!

Amy said...

wow that is quite the house. So cute. Where is it? its so fun to see you all grown up.

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