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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Idea, Bad Idea? Dumb Idea

Have you ever made a decision and then ten minutes later thought,
"This was a dumb idea."

Okay, I do that all the time.
But this is...
This is special.

Brooke has ALWAYS been a fantastic sleeper.
I lay her in her bed, give her a kiss and walk out of the room.
She looks at books, snuggles with Baby Lamb and falls asleep on her own.

Naps are the same way.
She reaches for her bed.
This has been going strong since she was six months old.

I blew it.
She doesn't get out of her crib.
She plays happily or cries until someone comes get her.

This is why I blew it.
Two reasons.
1. She is getting a big girl bed when we move and I wanted to ease the transition.
(stupidest thing ever)
2. I wanted her to get out of bed after her naps because our baby monitor is... well crap.
(buy a new monitor? hello!)

I taught Brooke how to get out of her crib... why?
I actually showed her where to put her feet to help her get down.
She can't get back in!
But she can get out.

She got out of her bed seven times tonight. seven.
Now Jocelyn thinks its fun to get out of bed too.
We eventually just locked their door and said good night.

An hour later this is what we found.
Okay... maybe its not quite so bad.


ESN said...

Precious! I love the story.

Jewels said...

Completely commiserate with the dumb idea. (We've had our share!) But that picture is so darn precious!

Kelli Foutz said...

Love it! I absolutely think you did the right thing. This won't last. They will go to bed. I promise! And if they stay asleep and sleep well, there is nothing wrong with them staying in the same bed. Kids have done it since the beginning of time! You are a great Mom!

Heather said...

That is absolutely precious! At least the story had a happy ending! :)

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