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Friday, March 25, 2011


That's how we answer the phone around here, "Oh-Lo".
We like our Megamind.
I am feeling better.
This week was spent cleaning, organizing, re-arranging.
Coming out of the sick fog and taking my house back.
Until yesterday, when I didn't do any of that and now I have a sink full of dishes to do this morning.
That I will do happily, because it is not a chore, it is something I do because I like way the kitchen sink looks *spic and span*.

Last night was a much needed date night.
We went to "Spring Break Carnival" in the mall parking lot.
It was exactly like it sounds

We went on the Ferris Wheel, which was lovely, the Mini Roller Coaster which was terrifying for safety reasons alone. And finally, "The Tornado", which may have been the worst mistake of my adult life. I was so nauseated.... lets just say I was not in "top shape" for the remainder of the evening. I do NOT like the "spinning ones".

I digress, we snuck mall food into the movie (via empty Victoria's Secret bag... it makes them to nervous to check), to see "Battle for Los Angeles". Which is mostly hand-held camera work. I spent the first forty-five minutes with my head between my knees.
A whole container of Dryer's Ice Cream bites later and I finally start to enjoy myself. Then my sweet husband leans over to tell me something just as I turn to him and I get slammed in the eye by the brim of his hat.
The rest of the movie I spent holding my eye. Poor Professor, felt so bad. I just laughed and cried a little... It still hurts.

We ran into new friends and decided that we would be movie buddies from here on out. Very exciting.

Not ready to be parents yet, we went to Voodoo, for doughnuts and a photobooth, and then took a flash light to our new house and tried to figure out where the art would go on the walls; and what way the sectional would face.
It was really fun.
And slightly warmer now that the instillation is in.

~~All in all, I love dating my husband.~~


Jessica said...

Loved this post for so many reasons:
-you're feeling better
-you made me laugh (tornado, VS bag in the movie theater, the list goes on . . . )
-you had a fantastic date night
-your pics are fantastic

Maybe we'll have time to play next week, eh?!

Katie said...

The Victoria's Secret bag trick?? Brilliant!

Raiza said...

awwwww!! you two are super cute! :)

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