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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

House Update


It feels like a real house now!
Talking to my friend tonight I realized that building a house is like being pregnant and putting the roof on is like finding out the sex!
We are having HOME!

A real one. With rooms and floors. Next week plumbing, in two weeks lights.
I am so ready for this house.
To throw parties, play games, have friends over.
Play Wii Zumba without bothering the neighbors below.
Have a yard.
(Brooke was having some naked time....)
Eternally grateful for the carpet cleaner from Judy and Rob.
Beds off the floor,
My own craft space.
Ben's own office!
A whole real grown up life.
I am ready.

PS This chick is my design guru. Check her out here.


christy said...

So excited for you. A new house all your own is so much fun. It's been fun watching your progress. Can't wait to see what fun things you do inside.

Katie said...

EEEEE!! It's like setting up a dollhouse and seeing it all come together! Time to PLAY!

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