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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This and That

Hi. It's been a while.
It's been a long, eventful two weeks.
Let me explain,
There is no time.
Let me sum up,
"Buttercup is going to marry Humperdink in a little less than half an hour..."

Wrong series of events.

Since we spoke last.

I turned 28.

Went to the Zoo with my family and had an excellent time.

girls at the zoo




Had the best cupcake of my life.
(True story)

chocolate cupcake

Bought pretty things at Anthropologie for my Birthday.

Almost pulled out of building the house. :(

Ben gave his first midterm.
(it was harder than he thought)

Figured out a way to keep the house. :)
(fingers crossed they accept our new terms)

Ate more cake, and fondue
ooooh the fondue.

Had dinner with friends, twice.

Attended a Valentines Party for the girls
(Jocelyn helped make Valentines and cookies)

Hosted by the divine Jessica.

valentines party


And finally... got a dog.

His name is Strider
Future King of Gondor
We know...
We're nerds.


We love him,

and he has only peed on the carpet twice.


Ashley, the Accidental Olympia said...

Only twice for a new dog! That's a fantastic record. He's a keeper!

SarahDiane said...

I'm glad you guys are finding a way to keep building your home. I love the Princess Bride quote. I love the dog and his name. I love you.

Jeri said...

Holy cow what a couple of weeks! So much fun. I laughed so hard the Humperdink quote!! I owe you a phone call. soon.

Katie said...

Welcome to the family Strider! Soooo handsome!!

You are a much braver woman - and cooler mom - than me!

Skylar said...

OMYGOSH THAT YOUR DOG!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Thats hilarious!!! That cake looks sooo gooood. I had those liquid filled gummy hearts too. THATS YOUR DOG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????? AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Im soooooooooo... I have no idea.... Excited/ shocked/ soo happy to see him when I come up: *Ehem* *Ehem* *COUGH.* *COUGH.*

jamie hixon said...

There is already enough peeing happening on our carpets... we don't need a dog.
Love the Princess Bride quote... and WHAT! Your cake looks amazing. Also, the elephant house is neat.

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