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Monday, January 3, 2011

Picking Colors Outside the Box

This is our most recent picture of the house. I believe they are pouring foundation today.

I woke up today excited. Like really excited.
We are building a house. A beautiful house. I hope.
I am sort of stuck.

Its the Lights.
You see the problem is when we first met with the good people of Quail Homes we fell in love with the floor plan. The style of the architecture, the view and location. We loved how many bedrooms there were and that the laundry room was upstairs. However, when they showed us the materials we had to choose from, my heart sort of sank. They are making beautiful, rustic, boring houses. Not the materials I would pick for my home. Materials I wouldn't mind living in if the house was already built, materials I would save up to change in seven years. But when I have the opportunity to pick what I want... We decided to start looking outside the box.
Which is scary.
We have picked an entirely different color pallet, different kitchen materials, an entirely different bathtub. The house has sort of a cool, beach cottage feel. Which means we are making a custom home with out a designer. I think this will all work out but, I am nervous.

~The Downstairs~

The walls downstairs are this color. With a white chair rail and white picture frame molding around the whole bottom of the main level.

Sort of like this.

The floors downstairs.

The Kitchen, White cabinets, Black granite countertops.
And check out the back splash.
Anyway, our last big thing is the lights.
We have been given two options.
Nickel and bronze.
Nickel is the standard.
Bronze is an upgrade.
Click here to view Bronze.
Click here to view Nickel.
I think the bronze would be fantastic downstairs, but I am weary of upstairs. The girls room with bronze lighting? I am also unsure about the bronze clashing with the black countertops, Its on the fireplace too.
I would love your input.
There is a third option.
We go with the Nickel in the house and then get these guys from PotteryBarn.

Above the island.
For the dinning room table. We always loved this one.
But then I saw this one today... but is $100 dollars more. :(

Or we do Bronzed downstairs and Nickel upstairs?
Is that weird?
Does the hardware need to match the lights?
What about the door pulls in the kitchen? (we went with nickel.)

~The Upstairs~

Colors upstairs.

Master bed room accent color and retreat.
The rest of the room is the same color as the downstairs.

Master Bath
Master Shower and counter top.

Master Bath floors.

and the Tub...
I am in love with this tub!
The Hall, Bedroom and Playroom colors can be found here.
Type in the codes and check it out.
(If you are still reading this)

Hall: Zircon Ice 0664

Bedrooms 2 and 4: Dillards Blue 0685
(for children girls and future children)
(I'm not pregnant... but someday :)

Playroom, upstairs bath and laundry: Pure Laugher-0846

So what do you think?
Nickel or Bronze?
Or Both?


Curtis, Sarah, Robyn and Sydney said...

I think the bronze is better. The house Curtis is designing and building is going to have all bronze. It makes everything look more expensive:) I love your colors and you are going to have an awesome house when it's finished!
p.s. I heart your style!

Katie said...

Whew! I'm so relieved that your list of dream lighting fixtures doesn't include the chandelier that we busted.

And you have the most exquisite taste! Whatever you choose will of course be divine!!

deannah said...

I've had both nickel and bronze. Our walls were light in both instances. I like the bronze better because of the contrast. And the table it's directly above is black and i still think it looks great. The nickel just kind of blended in with the walls because they were not different enough. I feel like if you're buying a gorgeous light fixture, you want to see it! I haven't seen much bronze in bedrooms (although I think it would be very sophisticated) but I totally love it in bathrooms. What a fun and exciting adventure!!!

Jeri said...

I think you can do both. I love the pb lights, but the bronze examples are nice too. I like what Deannah said about the bronze having a contrast. In some rooms, I'm thinking a light white bright room, you might want the fixture to blend in. I was thinking about you the other day, and about how you could totally be a designer. In my mind you are doing this project with the designer I wish I could hire. Go with you first impression.

Heather said...

ooooh awwww! so awesome! I think it is okay to have different fixtures in different parts of the home, I think that is what make it look custom, however, you should probably stick to the same fixtures in the same room or the same area. I think what you have chosen is awesome and will look so amazing!

Maggie said...

I love your color palette. Your subway tile is fab-I love glass subway tile, that is totally what I would love to use in our kitchen re model. I would go with the same colored fixtures in the same spaces, but if you wanted to switch it up and say do a different fixture or color scheme in the bathrooms, or upstairs, I think that is duable. I agree with Jeri, go with your gut! It's gonna be gorgeous!

The Studes said...

sooo you!!! and because of that I LOVE IT!! can't wait to see it finiahed and then Lance and I will come and visit. if Avi is lucky she can come too =)

Tara Diaz Nelson said...

It is beautiful and will be beautiful. I don't know what is harder? To start from scratch like you are or to do a little at a time while living in it as we are.... One upgrade at a time. You will luv it no matter what~

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