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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa's Present

This was the doll house that I picked out for the girls. (spent hours, and hours searching online.)
Doll house countdown
Grandpa picked out the dolls.
Ben built the house and arranged the dolls.
I was sewing project runway style to finish their nightgowns on time.
Dad was wrapping presents.
Ben calls from the other room for me to come see.
I died laughing, he was so clever.
1. Tiana, wishing on a star.
2. Snow White, sleeping on the bed (post apple)
3. Rapunzel, letting her hair down the balcony.
4. Cinderella, working in the kitchen.
5. Belle and the Beast, dancing in the ballroom.
6. Ariel, in the bathtub. (that one was my favorite)
7. Jasmine, chilin' on the rug.

It was a big hit. I love it.
christmas response
So did they.


Jeri said...

FANTASIC!!!! IT looks huge compared to them. What a great present!

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