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Thursday, November 18, 2010

~Thankful Thoughts~

I have not forgotten you. I have simply been pondering my blessings and why I am blogging them. It is hard for me to be so open and honest with the blogesphere but I then I remember that I am doing this for my children to read some day and for our family and dear friends that are states away. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in trying to be cool and hip and write about interesting trends and so I felt like my thankful thoughts were starting to sound forced and not from the heart. I needed a few days to feel grateful for the real things in my life and not just the little things that make me happy. Not to say a few more won't pop up, I mean come on, I haven't mentioned chocolate yet. But really I need to just be me and write from my grateful, loving heart.

Today I am Thankful for my Family.


My sweet, wonderful, rambunctious eternal family.


Santa Barbara said...

Oooh, I LOVE what you wrote here. And I happen to think that is the most perfect family picture ever.

Jeri said...

Well said. I wanted to remind you that you are cool and hip WITHOUT trying.

The Sloppy Californian said...

I love reading your thankful thoughts, keep them coming!! x

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