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Sunday, October 17, 2010

halloween decorations

Since our home here is temporary we decided to forgo decorating the apartment with our regular home decor. No books, the art or mirrors. Just walls, lots of walls.

Then it was October and I got antsy.

I wanted to do something fun, easy and not too scary.

And we all know I love scrap paper for everything except scrap-booking.

So I made these.
They fly all around the house. The girls love them.

I felt like I needed a little more so I went bigger in the dining room.
total cost = free
The letters are just printed out and glued to thicker paper to keep from curling. Next time I will get some card stock. They are not attached so I can make the little buntings say anything. I liked the look of the old-school typewriter font. I found it for free here.

Trick or Treat!


ESN said...

Oh my goodness! SO DARLING! I wish I had some time to make them, my boys would LOVE them!!!
What are you planning for Christmas? You are amazing!

Kaleena said...

I do like the typewriter font! What's it called?

Melanie said...

cute idea! i love the collage of pictures on your wall!

Maggie said...

I love your happy pumpkin. Cute ideas!

Katie said...

Must...copy...Rileigh' wall...

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