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Thursday, September 16, 2010

impromptu dinner parties

Lately Jocelyn has decided to play host to a slew of private dinner parties.
Parents are not invited, nor informed before hand, they are simply discovered usually towards the end.

why wait for breakfast?
Breakfast could not wait this morning and so last nights cornbread became the first course served in an small easter basket (which had already been carried throughout the house).

Formal dinner party

More formal attire was appropriate for this morning snack of Traders Joe's yogurt. Snow White brunched with a little lost lamb, while Brook found the spoon unnecessary that was so generously provided by the host.

new location

Feeling the need to switch locations, Cheerios became the preferred meal of choice. I suppose the girls found my desk to be the perfect kennel as they informed me that they were puppies eating their food in matching attire.

pants optional

Exhausted from so much entertaining, our little host finally decided that pants were indeed optional when it comes to late night yogurt snacking.

The end.


Raiza said...

They are too sweet...

Katie said...

I adore the way you wrote this! This need to scavenge does make me wonder though...Is their mother feeding them? ;)

Rileigh said...

I know right! These parties usually happen in the early mornings or during my shower when they know they have a few minutes. Daily I tell Jocelyn that if she is hungry to let me know and I will help her, she just loves the fact she can get into the fridge.

Jeri said...

Watch the eggs! They will be next! Super funny girl.

Anonymous said...

I love you and your sweet girls! One of my favorite memories of you is when you would make little beds out of kleenix (with small kleenix folded pillows, sheets and a comforter) for all your dolls and babies all over the house..I mean like maybe 20 all over the floor was not uncommon...your girls are as precious as you were! I mean are!! love mom

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