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Monday, September 20, 2010

bloggin love

The Amazing Glory of Glorious Treats did a beautiful post about bunting on her blog and featured one of our tea party pictures. The bunting was Jeri's. She found at Target on clearance I might of cried when she told me how cheap it was. :) That little strand of bunting adds magic to everywhere it goes. I miss it, but mostly I miss her.

Check it out here.


Jeri said...

Missing you too. Lincoln talked to grandma last night, and I listened to him tell her what amazing friends we were (are), but I have to admit it just made me sad. Love that bunting! :)

Glory/ Glorious Treats said...

Thanks so much for this post (and for adding my button to your site!!).
I really love the little party you set up (and I also really enjoyed your honest comment somewhere in that post, where you said that the "party" was more of a photoshoot, and the children were mostly props). I so often see unrealistic party sets ups, but it's being passed off as if it was a real "party". Perfection is not realisitc for children's party, but photo shots are still so fun, and a great way to showcase some beautiful ideas!

Anyway... thanks again... for the image use and for this sweet post.


Katie said...

You get more famous by the minute! I especially loved this post, because underneath it, in "You might also like," appeared a link to the post "Katie's baby shower." It caught me off guard and made me suddenly miss you quite desperately.

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