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Saturday, August 14, 2010

little bug little princess

Dear Jocey Rose Hansen,

Today you turned three, and what a magical, amazing, crazy, wonderful day it was. You were surrounded by people who love you very much and had the best birthday a princess could ask for. I promise to tell you more about it soon. Today was a very good day.
I can't believe how wonderful it is watching you grow up. You are so smart and funny and always pushing the limit, (an inherited trait). You are also loving and sweet, thoughtful and helpful. You love to help me with chores around the house and any project I am working on. I love your stories and dress up games. Most meals you are an animal of some kind and dinner becomes "puppy food" or "elephant food".
You are so good with Brooke and shower her with hugs and kisses. When she is sad you make silly faces until she laughs a big belly laugh and the two of you dance away together. I am so proud of the little girl that you are and I look forward many more wonderful birthdays to celebrate today.




Ben said...

I love her. I look forward to this next year and all the changes....pre school, dogs, a house, a sib.....maybe.... :)

Vivian said...

Happy Birthday Cute Girl!!!

Raiza said...

Rileigh... you're making my mascara run....
I heart you and your family... Happy Birthday to Joce :)

Jeri said...

Happy Birthday Jocey. You had a happy birthday! It was amazing. Your Mommy and Daddy and baby love you so much, and so do we. Hugs to you big girl. We will miss you!

Rileigh, I love how her face paint looks like a three! Beautiful! =)

Tara Diaz Nelson said...

You are such a magical mom. I can't believe she is 3 already.

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