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Monday, August 9, 2010

A Good Day with Erbs part I

When Ben was at BYU he had a TA named Jack.
Jack was a good TA and a good friend,
When Ben decided to go to UCSB Jack was there.
For 5 years Ben and Jack were in the Labor Lab together,
and Katie and I played with our girls.
Now Jack and his darling family live in DC and our paths cross for two weeks.
We could not wait to show them around their new home and some of our favorite places.

First the Farm
missing a shoe
little Leah knows what to do infront of camera
shot_1281033018137 does her sister.

my berries
Holding on to her bounty
She was just in heaven.
Those peaches were like candy.


Katie said...

Loved this day. Love this post!! Will you please just take over my blog from now on?

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