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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

traveling with toddlers

it had it's moments
but for the most part they were wonderful little travelers.


BrittneyGrace said...

This picture brings me joy. So many people are opposed to the "leash" technique but it was used on me as a small child and I bet it helps prevent a lot of lost little ones. You look great.

Jeri said...

I love Jocelyn's stance in this! This is a great great capture!

Grandma Hansen said...

Joce and I shared some close calls and I saved her face about 8 times when she first started wearing the monkey leash, and ran off of curbs without looking! She did a quick change from vertical to horizontal, landing about 6 inches from the ground! Got up and looked at me, smiled, and ran some more! When I was with her on the national mall, I dropped the end of the leash and she turned around, picked it up and handed it to me! I just love both these little munchkins, and that is so clever to keep them safe! Rileigh you are a doll!

Katie said...

Laughed out loud at this one!

And look at you in your cute skirt at the airport - Hot mom!!

Diana Hulme said...

this picture is so funny. i love it! :) wow...good luck on your move. it's always crazy settling in to a new place but after a few months it will feel like home!

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