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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

letters and lists

The American Visionary Art Museum with a holga

Dear Toes,
You have been neglected far too long, I believe a pedicure is in on the schedule for this weekend.

Dear Brooke,
For the first year of your life you were a quiet observer, you have made it very clear that is no longer the case. It is with you now that I wonder the halls at church, and who needs the leash when we go around town. When did this happen sweet baby? Every time I look at you, you look older and more beautiful. You are so much fun and so snuggly, but fiercely independent with your own personality and opinions. But please go down the stairs on your tummy, walking side-wise holding to the rail is giving me a heart attack.

Love, Mom

Dear Professor,

You don't want to know that the maintenance guy took less then 10 minutes to install the new screen door.

Dear Maryland,

I would still like to do the following:
Pick blueberries until I'm stuffed and blue
Go to the Smithsonian without children
Visit the American Visionary Art Museum
Go to Annapolis and watch the boats sail
Take Pictures of Jeri's Family
See monuments, Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam, Iwo Jima and the Arlington Cemetery
Find Georgetown cupcakes and eat the one with all the coconut
Family pictures in DC
Give a Jocelyn a real party 2 days before we move
If you could turn down the humidity and off the thundershowers my chances of completing these tasks go up considerably.


Dear Jocelyn,

I LOVE your swinging voice, please sing to me and the baby all day long forever.

Love, Mom

Dear Anastasia the animated film starring Meg Ryan,
Your songs are hauntingly beautiful, but please get them out of my head. Your worse then Lady Gaga. PS animated Demetri is hot and your clothes in Paris are stunning.

Dear One of the many people who have viewed our house,
Please rent or buy it soon and move in the first week of August so that we can get back some rent and start focusing on moving.


Dear Bacholorette Ali,

Pick Roberto, because we all know you will just break Chris's heart. Frank you would be perfect if you weren't a douche and what is with the low V-shirt? No one wants to see that much chest combined with a sweater vest.

Dear Ben,

I love you so freaking much I feel like I am going to explode! I just read your sweet email and it made me want to run away with you some place amazing and not share you with anyone. The kids can stay with Jeri until your parents move.

love, Rileigh


ESN said...

This post just made me laugh and cry. You are awesome. I just love you!

Jeri said...

When are you bringing them over? =) I love these letters, I have started thinking that way now! I think I write most of those "letters" to my laundry pile. I should write them down.

Anonymous said...

your sooooo CUTE!!
i love your letters, Ijust did a post with letters...hope you don't mind and think im insane and crazy for copying

thank you for shareing your life on your blog.

THE LIZARD'S said...

Dear bachloerette... SO FUNNY and So TRUE!!! ha.. I love watching that dramatic show!

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