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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hello people of the west

We made it.
The little ones flew like champs.
You would never know they were on the plane.
... well maybe a few times.
We only had one casualty, (Brooke's sippy, gratefully she and Joce shared)
Ben and I even got to watch the movie, which was really good.
I had a suitcase full of treats, and still have some leftover for the rest of the week.
it included:
7 different kinds of snacks (costco has my back)
our favorite aden+aians blankets
Brooke's special Kitty
mini cars
coloring pages with magic markers (that only work on the pages)
Barf bag puppet show
baby wipes
and finally,
when all else fails
Toy Story on the laptop.

Were now in the beautiful city of Portland in a swanky hotel for Ben's conference before we head out to Eugene to find a new home.


Jeri said...

I am so glad the flight went well! Keep posting! I loved waking up to see an update.

SarahDiane said...

I'm glad that you're on the correct coast! So excited for you to move closer to me again!

Jewels said...

Happy to have your fam so much closer, even though it's still pretty far. Good luck with the conference and home-finding!

ESN said...

So sad to see you leaving!!!! I will miss seeing your wonderful smile. Don't worry. I'm addicted to your blog though!

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