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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Miss Brooks

Last week you turned one.
We had a little party in your honor
with some friends
and cupcakes of course
You didn't need any instruction on how to eat them
You were a Pro
then we opened some presents
you had some help, LOTs of help
You are our big little girl now and we love you!

Mad Skills at the age of One

You say "Hi" (sort of)
Lots of grunting (like a cave baby)
Eat everything we put in front of you (thanks for that by the way)
You love babies, your pink kitty and your new stroller
Splashing in the Bath (but you don't like any other bodies of water)
PS you scream every time you turn the shower on yourself
Your light up for Dad, Jocelyn and Me
Last night your sister crawled into bed with you and you both slept like angels
You liked to be chased in circles around the kitchen
"No" means "go faster"
You are endlessly fascinated by all toilets (we wash your hands a lot)
you can go backwards downstairs (with minor assistance and complete supervision)
You giggle with a deep alto voice
your hair sort of looks like David Bowie in Labyrinth but were so excited you have any at all!
You go to sleep easily by yourself almost every night
You are calm and sweet and such an angel baby.
You make us so happy.

Love, mom


Katie said...

Darling party, perfect photography, BEAUTIFUL 1-year old!!

We need an video clip of that cave baby grunting, by the way.

ESN said...

Once again I feel like I am invading your life. I love it! Thanks for allowing me to. You have such a little princess there.

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