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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

letter to the professor

Dear Husband,

I miss you... a lot.
You are working like a madman, and I know that you hate it.

You are almost there, and your paper is going to rock!
And then we can breath, go to the beach, plan our move to Oregon, watch all the shows we have recorded on DVR, and go to sleep before 1 in the morning.
I am tired, I know you are more so. You work so hard for us, I don't thank you enough.
I promise to do more to help you, support you, love you.
I want to be more like the pioneer women that rose above the challenges in their lives instead of whining that life is hard. I am afraid I have been more of the later recently. But you have been a Superhero. You are always the Superhero. Thank you for being a rock, so strong and unwavering, since the day I met you knew that if I married you my life would be amazing. And it is. I just wanted to say thank you.

love, your wife


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