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Monday, May 10, 2010

a ladies social

As Relief Society Activity Diva (RS Coordinator is boring) I felt it was time for the women of the ward to take a break. Enjoy good food, good music and good friends. It was time to let our inner little girl out to play dress up for the evening and have a good old fashion tea party.
Now we only served herbal tea because the word of wisdom counsels us against hot drinks. (you can learn more about it here.) But it was wonderful. The Activities Committee all worked so hard using their strengths to make everything come together so beautifully.

~The Setting~

This is the beautiful garden the party was held in
I just LOVED the star shaped flowers that were climbing up the white arch

The tables were such a collaborative effort. We asked women in the ward if they would share their tea settings with us and boy did they deliver! Linens of lace and pink satin, colored roses and sun faded stripes covered long tables as tea cups and saucers from all over the world sat at each setting.

this one was my favorite
from Russia with love
the theme was Jane Austen meets Alice in Wonderland, all of the tables were named after different places in Jane Austen novels. (I really wanted to sit at the Pemberley table)

~the Food~

could you die?
the detail, the deliciousness, every bite was my new favorite

raspberry cupcakes, dark chocolate brownies, scones, lemon curd, fresh strawberries, corn muffins with prosciutto and apricots...

~The Entertainment~
Violin Solos
Inspirational Talks, Dramatic Readings (from Pride and Prejudiced) Jane Austen Trivia and one goofy host (PS Judy EVEYONE loves my skirt)
Violin, Piano and Comedy... so talented so much fun
I think they had a good time
I know I sure did

tune in next time for the hats, I felt they deserved their own post, and frankly I have about 10 loads of laundry that needs folding.

the end.


T-Ray said...

How charming! I would love to throw something like this.

Katie said...

Stunning!! If they make this a tradition, I want an invite next year.

ESN said...

It was a magical evening! Like it really stepped out of time and place and was it's own happy entity. Thanks for making it so.

Jeri said...

Lovely! Oh, How I wish I was there with you.

Yes, Judy the skirt is amazing! =)

Maggie said...

Now I want to attend a Tea Party. FUN.

Christy said...

Looks like a magical evening. Well done!

Kristina said...

This is FABULOUS! If only Lubbock had someplace so green and blooming we could copy your idea!

Tausha said...

Hi! I found you from Annie @ all things in the west. I have to tell you that this is the most incredible setup for a RS activity that I have ever seen! I too am Activities diva and I am loving this idea. If you don't mind-I am going to borrow it. I would love any info on the little extras that you did to make the night extra special. Fabulous! So glad that I found you!! Happy tuesday!

jamie hixon said...

So if I would have known about this ahead of time I might have flown out for this. It is a good thing I didn't know, you would have had an unwanted house guest for a few days.
Simply wonderful.

Tracy said...

So fun! I love tea parties.

BTW - the star flowers are clematis. The people who lived in our house before us were kind enough to plant them by our back patio. I love them, too.

Charity said...

Looks magical! How fun to be a part of it!

Diana Hulme said...

so so so cute. great job!

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