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Monday, May 3, 2010

11 months

miss brooks at 11 months you can:

mostly... you take about 10 steps and then decide crawling is faster
you say, "ma ma ma ma mommmmmmm"
I assume you mean me
you say, "da da da da dah da da da"
which we think is the professor
you giggle and squeal when Jocey climbs in your bed to wake you up
you can't fall asleep with out your pink kitty
(but then you fall asleep like a champ every time)

you love to
crawl all over anyone laying on the floor
play peek-a-boo
push little chairs around the kitchen
(think old lady with a walker)
you have six teeth
you eat everything in site
BUT... you would prefer to feed yourself
you wave
did I mention swing
my favorite thing
you nod your head in agreement whenever we bring you blueberries.
it is hilarious

love mom

Oh did I mention that you growl like a pirate?
all the time


Jeri said...

My favorite thing about Brook.....her laugh. (Sorry I tickle you so much baby! I love it!)

Katie said...

She is edible!! Only you could get those perfect flowers to perfectly match her perfect little skirt.

I'm on pins and needles waiting for the party pics!!

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