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Monday, April 12, 2010


Dear Husband,

I love you and I thought you were hilarious with the missionaries tonight. Thank you for liking my cooking it makes me want to do it more.

Love Wife

Dear Life Time Fitness,

I am not sure what to do about you, I don't go enough to warrant how much you cost but pool season is coming....

PS I found two of your towels in the laundry today. I blame the professor

Recent Shred convert

Dear Brooke,

You took your first steps on Easter morning and I love you for it. First step was towards Dad, the second was towards your sister. Keep it up little one so you can start enjoying summer dresses without sore knees.

Love, Mom

Dear Bones,

How did I just now discover you? As someone who spent her high school years with a poster of David Boreanaz on her wall... Anyway I enjoy your witty banter and sleek forensic anthropologist crime fighting skills.

Sincerely, Please give into your feelings and admit your love for Booth

Dear Jocelyn,

I love how you love your sister but try not to love her to the ground so much, she's getting bruised.


Dear Cherry Blossoms and Flowering Trees,

Please stay, Your visit is much too short.


Dear Carrot Cake,

I don't think anyone has stopped thinking about you since last week. We miss you.


Bob Stanke said...

No problem about the towels... it happens! Hope you get a chance to enjoy the pool this summer! ;)

Bob Stanke
Community & Social Business Manager
Life Time Fitness

Jeri said...

I am looking online for that cake recipe right now. I just can't wait any longer. =)

The Morrows said...

Dear Rileigh,

You are hilarious! I enjoy reading your blog more than you know! I love how artistic and witty you are!

Your West Coast Fan Club

Sikochi said...

wait - you just discovered bones? wow, I'm impressed. Don't you just love that show? I'm completely obsessed.

Jeri said...

Dreaming of this cake right now--- and the warm summer day and enjoying both of those with you wouldn't hurt either!

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