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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

two houses and the boss

On our way to New York, the professor had the Brilliant idea to stop for cheese stakes in Philadelphia. Not knowing where to go we called up his good friend Curtis who served his mission in Philly. He said, "Oooh that sounds good", followed by, "Stick to the south side, wait in a long line and make sure their are lots of pictures of celebrities on the wall". We found two. Geno's line was four times as long and had neon flames going up along the sides of the building so we naturally went with them.
Not wanting to fall victims to better marketing, we crossed the street to try the competitors Pat's King.
There was no contest, sorry Pat, Geno's is king of the cheese stakes.

*Tony Danza had his picture up in both places... multiple times
...come to think of it Tony Danza had his picture up in every place we ate.


The Studes said...

I am soooo jealous! when I was in new york i wanted to go there and never got the chance. isn't it funny that they are just across the street from each other!

Jeri said...

Yum. I am so hungry now.

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