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Monday, March 8, 2010

photo of the week 18

this is my grandpa's workspace

My whole life I would watch my grandpa fix anything and everything from this spot, you name it he'd fix it or make a better one. He was an engineer, designer, craftsman, Mr. Fix-it, fisherman, scoutmaster, sailor, husband, father, brother, and grandfather who always had a comb in his pocket so that the grandkids (there are 38 of us) could comb his hair while he slept in his giant recliner. You can read more about him here.


Katie said...

Oh, I love this picture. It's like it has a thousand different stories to tell.

Jeri said...

I want to see it BIG!

Miss you Grandpa.

Oh, you left photographer off that list. He always had a camera in his hand didn't he?

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