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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I love the Oscars because I love pretty dresses. This year had GOOD dresses.
This year was the first year without the Wright's Oscar party in which we all lost money to Bridgett who always won the pool.
This year because it's at 8:30 here on the east coast we went to the cousins house and put our babies to bed first. peace and quiet grownup time... except Simone who decided to watch the last hour with us in her pjs. We played Oscar bingo, which in my opinion is way more fun. Thank you to Robert Downy Jr. for wearing a colored bow-tie. (I won)
In my pitiful attempt to be fancy I tried making Oscar shaped cookies by stretching out a a gingerbread man shaped cookies. Unfortunately they looked more like bloated mummies, couldn't take a picture it was just too sad, Good thing they tasted good.
On to the dresses!

my favorite dress of the night, loved everything about it.

My least favorite dress. I felt like her ears were going to fall off do to the enormous weight of her earrings. The hem was ridiculous and that a toddler covered the bodice with a random bits of junk found on the floor of a crafts store.
I like the top, think the bottom is awkward but what really gets me is your complete lack of hairspray. frizzes everywhere.
Nicole Richie this is a mu mu.
I really want to love this dress but I can't get past the color. It was too close to her skin and made her look sickly, any other color would have been better. See Demi Moore on how to wear colors that match your skin color.

what happened to Macaulay?
Second worst dress of the night. (Not you Zoe I thought yours was kinda fab. Charlize I am talking to you, you are beautiful, sexy woman, we do not need help finding your bosoms, the pink bullseyes were in bad taste.

Good show Cameron Diaz, I love it.


Jeri said...

Wow. It is amazing how much we think alike. You have very good taste my friend.

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