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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i'll talk, just don't hurt the monkey

Have you met my sister-in-law Tracy?
She is awesome.
(FYI my other sister-in-law Heather is awesome too but that's anther post)
I was sent this email this morning.

If you ever want to see your bear again, alive,
send 1 million cookies (or the recipe for the kahula crunch ice cream pie) by midnight tonight, OR ELSE.

We don't have time to make 1,000,000 cookies this afternoon so The recipe for Cayucos Crunch it is. And while I am saving lives and sharing it with her I thought I would let you in on it as well.
Growing up it was our favorite desert from this restaurant where it is described as "surprise crust with the works." I made this for them and Christmas at I guess they liked it.

Cayucos Crunch
(makes 2 8 in pies or one big spring form pan)

1 box of oreos
1 10piece package of butterfingers
1 gallon of Ice cream softened slightly (i.e. vanilla bean, butter pecan, toasted almond)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips (milk if your Lincoln :)
A healthy dose of chocolate syrup
1 cube butter
1 cup peanut butter
1 bag white chocolate chips
1 tbs Vanilla or Coconut extract
whipped cream
maraschino cherries
sprinkled nuts (toasted almonds opt)

(intense right. your taste buds will thank me later but your thighs might not)
If you are making two smaller pies simple divide everything in two and distribute evenly.

crush oreos in food processor. Line a spring form pan with two pieces of plastic wrap so that it comes up over the sides (no plastic for regular pie pans) and press oreos into bottom of pan about 1/2 an inch thick. Smash half of the mini butterfingers and sprinkle on top of oreos. Squirt some chocolate syrup onto to butterfingers to help hold everything together, spread smooth with spoon. Save some crushed oreos for later.

Ice Cream Layer
Ice cream should be soft but not to melted (maybe 30 minutes left out on the counter depending on how cold your house is) you want to be able to smooth it out and get out any air pockets. Emptie entire container or untill your dish is full. (the pies can be like mini mountains) Wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap and let freeze preferably over night but I would say at least 2-4 hours depending how melted the ice cream is.

The works

Chocolate Sauce of Insanity
Pour 1 bag of chocolate chips and 1 cube butter in microwave for 1 minute stirring every 30 seconds until completely melted and blended. Add can of sweetened condensed milk and vanilla or coconut and mix until blended. (FYI this stuff is good on anything from fondue to crackers or just eating it on a spoon like I did at Jeri's house yesterday.)

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion
Melt half the bag of white chocolate chips however you choose. White chocolate is much more temperamental so a double boiler is my way of choice. Once chocolate is melted add peanut butter to your hearts content making sure the sauce stays smooth. Coconut would also be amazing in here but I put coconut oil in everything.

The Assembly
Take your ice cream pie out of the freezer and unwrap the plastic. It it is in the springform pan go ahead and take it out of the pan and place on the serving dish. (Note that things are about to get crazy so be prepared for major spillage and make sure the plate underneath is much larger then the pie dish.) Now go to town. Drizzle both Chocolate sauces over the ice cream mound followed by more of the crushed oreos and butterfingers. Top with whip cream nuts and enough cherries for everyone to have two.

Bon Appetit!

the Sea Shanty March 2009. note major spillage

Tracy I hope it's not too late!


Tracy said...

Ok - the bear (aka monkey) goes in the mail tomorrow. And yes the Cayucos Crunch is to die for, which it might actually do to me considering how unhealthily delicious it is, but if one must die by food, what a way to go.

Kaleena said...

Umm, that gets an award for one of the best emails ever sent.

Heather said...

haha,that is hilarious, I love it!!! I will have to try this Cayucos crunch soon.

The Morrows said...

I LOVE the Sea Shanty!! Thanks for the recipe!

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