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Sunday, February 7, 2010

snowing cats and dogs

*note the tree with the weighed down branches

I am not sure what the proper nomenclature is but it snowed buckets this weekend. So much so that Lincoln and his mighty truck got stuck in his own drive way... twice. Yesterday when the girls went down for a nap Ben and I decided to go try it out. I grew up at the beach doing jr. lifeguards every summer, and I know how to run with high knees to get through the water. I tried applying these same principles with snow that goes up to my thigh. The result was disastrous. Ben and I raced, he gave me a 10 second head start, I got two feet and fell twice. He jumped up (all 6'3") and whizzed past me like it was nothing. I went inside and took a hot shower. Not my favorite snow storm, but it sure is pretty.


Christy said...

I love your pic of the week.

Katie said...

This looks like a postcard! You are such a photographer. And by the way, every time I get on your blog it looks cooler and cooler and cooler.

T-Ray said...

This pic is beautiful!

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