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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sharing the love

{Installation by Spain by Ingo Maurer, photograph by Jesús Manuel Nieto Bobadilla.}
I have a soft spot in my heart for umbrellas... and beautiful photography... and free things. But seriously who doesn't? That is why when I found this I knew I had to share it. Especially since when I began to describe this image to Jeri she knew exactly what I was talking about. I found out about it from My Favorite Things (I think she and I are on the same wave length.) you can download the image here. Horray for sharing the love!


Jeri said...

Thanks for posting this. I love the handles on the umbrellas and the different positions they are in. That is my favorite detail.

Kaleena said...

Hey! I downloaded this too. I'm not really sure which version I love more, this one that was edited by someone or the artist original image with more lively colors.
I definatley have plans to print out this photo.

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