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Friday, February 12, 2010

the little lebowski urban achievers *

we got out of the house... finally and bombarded Jeri on her birthday
bowling it is!
Jocelyn was amazing, but Jeri was the real star with three strikes! She would have won but Lincoln threw a strike on the last frame and won. I... well lets just say I am much better at wii bowling.

*my brother who works at this amazing restaurant as one of the chefs said that Jeff Bridges came in on Valentines Day and was totally awesome. The staff sent Mr. Bridges a complementary desert his response was, "the dude abides". classic.


Jeri said...

This was a great day! Thanks for coming over and going bowling with us. I loved being in that empty bowling alley with our two families...definitely a memory I will cherish!

onecent said...

HAHA! too fun! Linc is fired for that! He totally should have aimed for a guterball! glad you had a great time though! :) love the pics!

Jared & Christina said...

What a fantastic day! :) Love your pictures! You can come wii bowl with me anytime you want.

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