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Thursday, January 7, 2010

he's home...

(Ben making a snow angel during the great snow storm of "09)

...and it is so good. It was a long trip and over the weekend to boot, but he is back and life is better. I am so grateful to have him as my help meet, and love for all eternity and not just because he does wonderful things to surprise me.

Last night after putting the kids down for bed, (it had a been a really hard day, both girls had doctors appointments Brooke-shots, Joce-ear infection, I am not feeling so hot myself) I sat down at the computer to decompose. Ben comes to me and says, "Honey, I am starving. Do mind making me some dinner really fast?" I look up at him, (we hadn't really had dinner, ate some hot dog at Costco hours ago). "okay" I say, "We have some mushroom ravioli that is pretty good down stairs", he takes my hand and we walk down to the main level (its a three level townhouse) I am still talking about the ravioli when I see our favorite babysitter sitting at the table. Totally speechless I look at him confused. He smiles and tells me that we have an 8:30 appointment at The Melting Pot!
It was a good surprise, we talked about what we liked about 2009, what was hard about 2009 and what our plans for 2010 are all while dipping things in yummy chocolate. good stuff.


Jeri said...

You two are lucky to have each other.

What's with you guys laying (jumping) in the snow! =)

Katie said...

Now that's romantic!

Anonymous said...

melting pot? AH! I would have died!!

Hi---btw lol!

BRIAN said...

aawwwwwwwwww..that is SO SWEET! I love that it was your favorite babysitter and he knew that you would be comfortable leaving the kids with her/him. SO THOUGHTFUL!!!!-Lolly

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