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Sunday, January 24, 2010

chicken or fish?

Last week we went to the Air and Space museum in DC which proved to be very educational
I learned that before I was married I could have been an American Airlines Stewardess in the 50's!
single: check
height: 5'3"-5'8": check
weight: >135: check
20/50 vision: check
"Hollywood" good looks: check
Jocelyn will take any opportunity to go for a spin
the Wright brothers were crazy, brilliant and the ultimate dare devils

and finally... it doesn't matter how cute the girl's coat was that took our family picture. she focused on the wrong object... twice


Heather said...

serious hollywood good looks! You are absolutely right! What fun that looks. And I have to add that I know what you mean, whenever we have someone use our SLR to take a picture of us, it always turns out blurry, so frustrating. Also, tell Ben we watch the video Gravity vs. Vanity, and it was hilarious...

Jeri said...

Fantastic! You would have made the best Stewardess! I really mean that. Next time we will come so I can take a photo....and have fun with you guys too.

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