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Thursday, December 17, 2009

so you think you can huh?

Dear Nigel Lythgoe,

Honestly don't know where to begin, this season has left thinking, "really?...him?... egg?
I would like to report the following grievances:
  1. I don't know what was said or wasn't said to Mia Michaels that made her leave the show, but fix it. There was a giant hole where a blond mohawk should have been, and she was missed... fiercely.
  2. Could you please stop sexually hurassing every girl on the show with boobs bigger than a AA cup.
  3. Why on earth did you let Adam Shankman fill in as a permant judge, he offers no real criticism, he talks way too much and loves everyone, plus I really miss hearing from all of the choreographers especially Tyce, because he is passionate but honest.
  4. What exactly is your definition of "formal training" because you kept saying it about Russel over and over again, and yet according to him , he has been dancing since he was 6 and did four years at Boston Arts, so... thoughts?
  5. The season was rushed, and it showed.
  6. What was the deal with Paula Abdul?
  7. Give the married couple a break, of course they had better chemistry together than with their other partners, to say Ashely was better with Jacob was just rude. While I am ranting about it, why would you put to similar contemporary pieces on one right after another? I feel like Jacob and Katherine's piece stole a lot of Ashleigh and Ryan's thunder (even though it was better) but if they had been separated by a few numbers you could see how precious and tender it was.

The Finale Specifically
  1. Six people in the finale was dumb. I missed watching the boys and girls preform because it was too rushed.
  2. There was no dancing? Three big unnecessary musical numbers (does anyone know what Leona Lewis was saying? or why her boobs had glittery Shrek ears on it?) ate up a lot of prime group number time. I know Russel was hurt but why did you cancel the top twenty number by Wade Robinson.
  3. Jacob should have won and you know it.
PS. your leather dinner jacket is stupid.


Aaron, Julie, Joseph and Emery said...

But you're not bitter, right?

Tracy said...

lol - I have to agree with you on most of that. Except I don't understand the Paula comment. I must have missed that one. And I thought ALL 4 of the musical performances were unnessesary. That's just me though - I'd rather just have them dance.

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