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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

christmas stats

hours spent in the car traveling to and from NC: 21
number of little girls that ran around dressed in princess dresses and tiaras: 3
number of times Ben found out what his big surprise was: 2 (I even lied to throw him off and then he "accidentally" read my email on my phone. ;)
hours spent playing at various Macdonald's funzones between MD and NC: 2
diet dr. peppers consumed: 50 (give or take)
number of kids that woke up at 6am and waited patiently while mothers took pictures Christmas morning: 6
focal length of my dream lens that sadly will not auto focus on my camera so I have to return it: 50mm
number of movies Ben and I got two see: 3 (chipmunks: everyone, Avatar: date, Sherlock: double date)
time of day the police knocked on the door Christmas Eve because the neighborers house had been broken into: 11:20pm
numbers of crawling babies: 1
number of happiest moments with loved ones: too many too count


Jeri said...

perfect! (minus the gift giving mess-ups!)

Katie said...

I love the look of this picture. It looks like it was taken straight from my 1979 baby album. Gorgeous photography!

Vivian said...

i love the picture because that is what christmas looks like in real life when you're real tired and you haven't put your contacts in yet.

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