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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


apparently I didn't look at the tree close enough when I was shooting the Livingstons last Sunday, or while I was proofing them on Monday, or posting them to facebook and my blog on Tuesday, because today is Wednesday and Jeri called to tell me that their was a certain four-letter-word poking out of Brenton's head in one of the photos. Hope Jazmine got the message before she sent them to her sister to be put in this years family calendar they are making for her grandmother. also thank heavens for photo shop.

*man, I have been showing profanity left and right this month, first Eddie Izzard and now this, I think I need to go wash my mouth out with soap.


Katie said...

Awesome. Guess the rest of us were all too distracted by the great photography to notice!!

The Studes said...

lol... i did that last Sunday I was shooting by some rail-cars and didn't notice until afterwards that the word "slut" was graffiti next to them...oops!

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