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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

in your opinion, the perfect shirt

I have a thousand things to do today because somehow our quiet girls night turned into Jeri and I throwing a Mary Kay party at my house. (Don't ask me because I am not sure how it happened either)
Anyway I should be cleaning; instead I am franticly trying to find a shirt to wear to the New Moon midnight showing in two weeks. We are ordering shirts today and I am lost. Here are my favorites, I am curious to know what you would pick.

I don't really want this one, but the teenager inside me had to put it up.

I think this one is my favorite.
All of these shirts were found here


Brandy said...

I am in love with the little town called spoons t-shirt!! That one is so funny :) But I do absolutely love the blue one. I'm looking forward to the premiere as well. Hope you have fun :) :)

Kaleena said...

Shirt 1 is my favorite, then shirt 6. I like 5, and strongly dislike 2, 3, and 4.

Haney family said...

After seeing your old cabnets-you "need" the blue shirt:) I think the spoon one is funny and I do like the green one too:)

Heather said...

the blue one is my favorite too! what is that one called?

SarahDiane said...

Great website! This wasn't one of your top choices, but I'm all for this one:,408957482

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