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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the hazzards of living in Maryland

When I lived in Santa Barbara, everyone and their mother worked for Select Staffing the second largest temping firm in the US, (I'm serious my best friends mother-in-law works there) here in Maryland everyone and their mother work for "the government" in some way or another. They won't tell us where or what they do, it is all very hush hush. Which I respect and find only the tiniest bit frustrating.

Today I was driving to the outlet mall to meet Jeri on my search for the perfect pair of boots (more on that tomorrow). I was talking to Jeri on the phone via bluetooth while passing NSA headquarters and missed my exit. In my defense it is the same exit, I just took 10B instead of 10A, instead of driving through the parking lot to the land of H&M, I was met by a heavily armed security guard asking to see some ID. I'm not going to lie I was nervous and grateful that I had my drivers license on me. He asked me where I was going and I was so embarrassed to say, "the mall... I took the wrong exit". He gave a little smile and told me where to turn around. I was so embarrassed driving in to the parking lot to turn around, especially once I realized Jeri was still listing on the phone.
I wanted to take a picture to prove my ridiculousness, but I was afraid they might confiscate my phone... or shoot me.


Aaron, Julie, Joseph and Emery said...

Did you ever hear my Tijuana EFY story? Even worse than the NSA. Oh man. If not, tell me. It's a good one.

Katie said...

Hilarious! Did you feel like you were in an episode of 24?

And more importantly, - Did you get the boots??

Haney family said...

Haha! I always wondered what would happen!

jamie hixon said...

HA! Seriously, now I know what to say if I ever want to bust in to the NSA headquarters. "I'm trying to go to the mall..."

Jeri said...

I love that I got to listen in to this little tidbit of cuteness! Seriously funny to overhear!

"....the mall." I will never forget the sound of your reply.

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