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Monday, September 21, 2009

ye old renassiance festival

This was the most amazing Renaissance Festival I have ever been to. It was just enchanting. The weather was wonderful, cool enough that I could actually wear jeans outside for the first time since we moved here. We went with the cousins which is always way big fun. We love hanging out with them, they take us to all the best stuff!
I think Jocelyn enjoyed this more than Disneyland. She danced to the music and watched the horses with delight. I love the look on her face while watching this street performer hang from fabric.
Oh my goodness, the food is a reason all by its self
Clockwise from the top
1. Deep Fried Snickers, you heard me right.
2. Ben facing off with a turkey leg.
3. Lincoln eating a fried Twinkies in style
4. Jeri is going to kill me, but isn't she so pretty
5. "Pretzels! Hot Fresh and Awesome!"
6. Cheesecake on a stick, Medieval? No. Delicious? Yes.
We bought a bubble wand (I had one when I was little) and it is magical. You can't totally tell but Ben is creating a huge bubble in the bottom right corner. You will just have to come over to our house and play with it your self.

PS I had to throw a picture of Brooke to prove that she enjoys our family adventures, even it is from just the stroller.
I showed Joce a little boy with face paint and she was totally down with the idea, she sat perfectly still while the artist painted the beautiful unicorn that she picked out. Talia opted for intricate braids with little flowers.
This "tall lady" left quite the impression on Joce, although she was a little intimidating at first, she is all Jocelyn has talked about today.

until next year, fair ye well!

the end.


michelle said...

It seems appropriate that your children would love a Renaissance fair. It seems just cosmically right somehow.

Katie said...

Love these! I feel like I'm there (And wish that I WAS! :(

Jeri said...

No I won't kill you, but cute isn't the word I would use to describe me there! =) Love you to bits anyway!

We had a wonderful day with you! I am glad you enjoyed it too.

Grandma Hansen said...

I wanna go! Looks like you had a blast, and Joce and Brooke had sooooooooooo much fun. Thanks for the great pictures.

Corinne said...

Wahoo!! I have found your blog. That makes me happy :) I LOVE this fest, such good fun - and being with the cousins surely MUST make it better. Looks like you had a LOVELY day :)

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