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Monday, September 7, 2009

farmers market

The farmer's market in Silver Spring was on the smaller side, just one block...

...but they did have a giant fountain to play in.
Brooke slept peacefully in her stroller while Jocelyn danced around the water. I was able to find a few goodies at the market. Super sweet cherry tomatoes, purple basil, fresh zucchini and a bunch of brightly colored bunch of cox comb. We had lunch at the Macaroni grill and watched the US open at the same time.
It was bliss.
the end.


Haney family said...

HI:) I'm finally getting on here! I had now idea there was a splash park over there! looks like tons of fun:)
Love the birthday picts! Camden is giving you the funniest face in the big pict of him:) Fun times:)

Katie said...

You captured these colors so deliciously!!

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