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Thursday, September 10, 2009

cake or death?

OK so at enrichment tonight I was not asked to choose between cake or death. But I was asked to choose between pie or Christ. I could spend the evening with my fellow sisters learning about the 100 days of Christ, or how to make scrumptious mini pies.

I choose both... spiritual enlightenment with a flaky crust.
(snuck out the back of one class to join with the other)

it was a good evening.

the end.

PS I have just been called as the new enrichment leader, I am totally stoked.
Any good activity ideas?


jamie hixon said...

I was always scrounging for ideas, but now I pay better attention. Our last enrichment here in AZ rocked! It was entitled "How to make lemons out of lemonaid" and we all got to keep a lemon at the end of the evening. I'll tell you more or just let you go with it, but just know that there was a ton of lemony desserts at the end that were so yummy!

PS This post totally cracked me up.

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