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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good Morning Baltimore!

OK so this was actually Dundalk, a sketchy bit of east Baltimore that we visited to check out a couch from craigslist. (we didn't buy it, it suffered from a serious case of false advertising). The good news is we found this little dive of a gem.

Seriously sooooo good
How a pirate eats a hot dog
How a Doctor eats a hot dog
The Bug was not a fan, so she opted for blueberries and watermelon instead

And then built a tower
the end.


jamie hixon said...

Those dogs look SOOO good! Dives are my favorite. Cute tower, and I love the new blog. Maybe I'll care about how mine looks someday.

Kylee said...

Looks yummy!

Im glad you said hi-I love your blog too! Its fun to see other women around the world in your same boat...2 year old, baby, girls, photography, e.c.t.

Have a great day!

Aaron, Julie, Joseph & Emery said...

Hi! I love your new blog. We just got the internet after about a month without. Not my idea of a good time. Glad to hear you're acclamated to Maryland. It seems to suit your family well. I must say, you throw the coolest birthday parties ever. Not that that's a surprise or anything. You're extremely creative. You constantly inspire me!

Torie Jayne said...

Mmm! Looks so yummy, great tower shot!Have a great Tuesday! x

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