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Monday, October 6, 2008

Flowers 101 week 3 + Conference weekend

I made this arrangement for the fabulous and very pregnant Katie Erb's baby shower tomorrow while still following the rules of this weeks flower assignment. Single sided arrangement with abstract elements (see crooked willow) I think it kinda looks like an Easter basket but pretty non the less.

This is how we kept Jocelyn entertained and quiet during the first session of conference Sunday morning.She had a good time


Amanda said...

As I was stacking blocks and coloring pictures of the general authorities' ties, I wondered, "am I getting anything out of this?" Probably not.

Vivian said...

katelyn, you look so...uh.. healthy in that last picture.

michelle said...

My favorite part of this photo montage is Katelyn.

Cheryl said...

oh yeah, stickers on the face! That one never gets old!

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