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Monday, September 29, 2008

Flowers 101 week 2

This week our assignment was a low fall arrangement with non floral items. I have decided not to run around like a mad woman flower hunting (though I do love the thrill) and just see what Trader Joes has on the way to class for $10 or less.
I had to provide my own container this week so I used these little guys from Stephanie's wedding, I cut up oranges to disguise the floral foam in the vase. They were quite a hit, and smelled delicious.


Aaron, Julie, Joseph & Emery said...

Those floral arrangements are absolutely gorgeous! I love the oranges. Man, why didn't I have you do my flowers? You did everything else!

Kara Miller said...

Ooooh lovin' the oranges! So fresh and cute!!

Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...


This made me think of last week's Top Design. You watch?

Vivian said...

these look verrry nice. sorry i still have one of your vases!

Katie said...

Beautiful Arrangements + Beautiful Photography = Beautiful Post!

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