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Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Shower Game Ideas?!!

OK, I know it seems like I have been blogging like a made woman today, but this one is my last one for the night.

My darling friend Katie DeMartini and I are throwing a baby shower for the amazing Katie Erb. We go to a lot of baby showers here in Family Student Housing (something is in the water) and are currently bored with all the usual baby shower games. Does anyone have any great game ideas to share?

Let me know
p.s. the shower is in a week
p.p.s. we are poor... creative... but with limited funds.


Katie said...

Hmmmm....How about....Everyone brings cash, like $10 bills, and tosses them at me, and whatever I can catch I get to keep.

Just a suggestion.

Vivian said...

I don't think in Katie's current state she should be running around trying to catch anything. I'll volunteer to collect the cash.

Also- I like the games where everyone gets to say something or tell a story. I like getting to know people better and hearing their stories. I remember at Krissie's we all shared odd baby/kid medical stories (bean up the nose, etc).

Katie said...

No really Vivian, I'm fine. My full-body adhesive suit should prevent any unnecessary exertion.

But...I'm with her! I like the good old fashioned girl talk games, where everyone is sharing a memory/advice, or answering a creative question about their own childhood or parenting.

Well, that and the $ free for all $

Aaron, Julie, Joseph & Emery said...

I don't know what games you're bored with. The last one I played that was fun for me and allowed much talked along the way was concentration. They did it at mine. They're all pregnancy/labor/baby words. Each set of words has a corresponding candy item that goes to the person who gets the match. "Twins = Doublemint Gum" etc. The candy/word combos are really cute and funny. If you have a lot of people it's nice because everyone can get something. Don't know if you've played it before. It does involved some funds, but if you can split up the cost among a few 2 or so people it's really not that costly. *If you're interested, I have the word/candy list.

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