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Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Favorite Movie

It is brilliant, heartwarming and beautifully shot. Plus how can you not adore James Mcavoy. I highly recommend it.


Whitney Parry said...

hey.. so you will kill me when you see these pics I found of us.. I'm gonna scan them and send them to you sometime soon!! Do you recall a certian talent show we were in and hula danced with grass skirts??? so funny.. i'll get them to you asap!:) ha

The Studes said...

I second.. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!
and to think James McAvoy was Mr Tumnis (sp) in the Chronicles of Narnia..

claire said...

I loved it too! What a nic surprise...oh, and hey, good to "blog" you again! You pop up now and again on mine, it's always fun!

Cheryl said...

Couldn't agree more. When Ryan and rented it, we watched it 2 days in a row! Something we rarely do! So cute

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