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Monday, May 19, 2008

Pool Party

Today we got to go swimming in the Stork Ranch Pool thanks to our lovely friend Cheryl and her little one Ashby, who is visiting her in laws this week. Vivian and Levi joined us along with Kristin and Ella. Afterward we had watermelon and chocolate cake. It was perfect.
This pool floaty is genius. I am going to buy one tomorrow. It is a Swimways Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy and I found it at Target for $15 bucks! So worth it. We will definitely be taking it to Hawaii.
Kristin and Ella chillin' in the pool with Joss

Afterwards we thought it would be great to take a cute picture of all of the babies. This picture was taken about 7 seconds before Ashby "hugged" Jocelyn to the ground.
So we tried again.

I had a glimpse of what every day must be like for the parents from Jon&Kate plus Ei8ht, I am overwhelmed just thinking about it.


Kevin and Emily said...

Cute pictures. We have that same swimways pool thing and we have loved it! We brought it on our Carribean cruise and to many pool days. It is awesome- you will love it!

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