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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girl Perks

Yesterday Jocelyn and I went with some friends to go swimming but the pool was SO cold we couldn't bring ourselves to go in the water. So... we just sat around on the grass looking cute in bathingsuits.


Katie said...

Jocelyn would look girly in army fatigues. But, I admit, this is extra special.

By the way, I'll have you know you spoiled my dinner. Your cupcakes were A*M*A*Z*I*N*G.

You had me at cream cheese frosting.

Cheryl said...

SOO Cute! You're right that although the weather is great this time of year...even in might still be kind of cold. What a great little subject she is for your camera

Kevin and Emily said...

She is SO CUTE Ben & Rileigh!

Amanda said...

I love how she already knows how to sass the camera.

Leah said...

What are the chances that we would have the same background! I saw you blog off of Whitney’s and thought, "This couldn't be the same girl that I fought relentlessly with?" Wow time has sure flown by. You look the way sorry for being such a jerk...forgive me? Your little baby girl is adorable!

THE LIZARD'S said...

where is the pic of you in your suit?? hmm..mmm

JAM said...

What a scrumptious baby of yours. How do you resist from taking a little nibble.
I too am glad you found me. Please visit when you come in April. I would be sad if you didn't
Shoot me over an email when you are in town.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rileigh, it is Heather, for some reason, the site won't let me log in as me so I am posting this as anonymous! WE can't wait to see you guys, we are so excited for you to come out, little Jocelyn is getting so big, stop growing!!!

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